NC lawmaker Thapa seeks thorough investigation into attack on Yadav

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Demanding time in a meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) today, Nepali Congress lawmaker Gagan Kumar Thapa sought an investigation into an attack against NC joint general secretary Mahendra Yadav in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

The NC general secretary said he had met a medical team taking care of injured Yadav on Wednesday and was informed that Yadav had narrowly survived the attack.

“The person behind the attack has been apprehended and attempts are being made to normalize the incident citing that the alleged did it out of his unstable mental state.” Lawmaker Thapa demanded the government carry out a thorough investigation into the matter and bring out the entire facts surrounding it.

He utilised the forum to raise concerns over the safety of political people while walking the streets of Kathmandu. “Someone gives a threat of arson while other resorted to an assault with the use of a Khukuri,” he said, adding that he wished to see the government’s presence in its functioning.

Lawmaker Dhawal Shumer JB Rana also called for an investigation into the attack on Yadav.

It may be noted Yadav was attacked with a sharp weapon in broad daylight here on Wednesday. He has been admitted to the National Trauma Center.