National ID cards to be distributed from KMC ward offices

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has made preparation for distributing the National Identity Card to the citizens from its every ward office beginning this January 29.

KMC said it is distributing the National ID cards from the ward office after public complaints that they could not get the cards on time as they were distributed from a designated place only.

KMC spokesperson Nabin Manandhar said discussions are being held with the related bodies for distributing the National ID cards from the KMC’s ward offices. “KMC is in consultation with the Department of National ID and Civil Registration for providing the service from all KMC 32 ward offices,” he said and expressed the confidence that it would be possible to distribute the National ID cards from the ward offices from January 29 as the talks with the Department are positive.

Before this, the National ID cards were developed by the Department and distributed from the District Administration Office in every district or only from the places designated by the Department for this purpose.