Nalgaad Municipally provides emergency assistance to quake survivors (Pictures)

Photo: Barsha Shah

The Nalgaad Municipality in Jajarkot, beginning from Monday, has distributed relief materials to the populace worst hit by quake on Friday late hour in Jajarkot.

Among 13 wards in the municipality, wards from 1 to 7 are the worst affected.

Though the final details of damages have not been ascertained, the delivery of relief materials has begun as per figure available so far, according to Prabhat Subedi, officer in Nalgaad Municipality.

Remote topography of affected areas has also added difficulty in swift distribution, he maintained.

The emergency reliefs being distributed include tent, blanket, plastic utensils, medicines along with portable toilets.

All three security forces – Nepal Army, Armed police Force and Nepal Police- are relentlessly working for relief and rehabilitation as preliminary rescue was done on Sunday.

Meanwhile, individuals and organizations in and beyond the country border are spontaneously offering emergency support to the quake victims.

According to the official information so far, 157 lost their lives while 260 injured in Jajarkot and Rukum West.

The sustained relief is still awaited as several thousand populace left homeless as their houses turned into rubble. However, the extent of full damage is yet to come.