Naag Panchami is being celebrated

Photo: Sulav Shrestha

Naag Panchami, one among the auspicious annual festivals of Hindu, is being celebrated today.

It is celebrated on the fifth day of Shukla Pakshya (the bright half of the month) as per lunar calendar, generally in the month of Shrawan.

It is the day of worshipping snakes. On the day, people affix images of Naag – the serpent god- atop of the main door of the house and offer milk and Dubo to the Naag.

Some mount on their doorstep the hand drawn sketch of Naag while others use various forms of printed and painted colorful pictures.

The practice of Naga worship is believed to have started from the Vedic period. According to Vedic beliefs, Naga is considered the king of snakes.

Naga temples in Kathmandu valley at Nagpokhari, Taudaha and Nagdaha are thronged with devotees on this day.

It is believed that displeasing Naag causes different calamities including fire and drought while placing the image of Naag on doorstep and worshipping the Naag avoids harm from snakes and brings safety and prosperity.