NA member Devkota advises for downsizing numbers in HoR, PA

National Assembly (NA) member Khimlal Devkota has demanded a revision in the numbers of House of Representatives (HoR) members and the Province Assembly (PA).

Speaking in zero hour of the today’s meeting of the NA, he stressed the need for corrections at governance system and party leadership. “We should have a provision that states a person can become Prime Minister only for their two terms, a parliamentarian or minister for three terms and a person to lead a party for not more than two terms. Proportional representation system should be removed by bringing it under the direct election system,” he said.

The size of the HoR members should be reduced to 165 from existing 275, and that of the Province Assembly to 330 from existing 550, he advised.

He also called for an end to the appointment at court, constitutional bodies and universities on the basis of power sharing, and appointment of party members in public organisations.

Appointments in such organisations should follow the set rules, he stressed. He further demanded the government should immediately create a mechanism to hear and resolve problems of citizens.