Mustang exports apples worth Rs 500 million

Mustang exported 4,620 metric tons apples this year that is worth Rs 500 million. According to the farmers here, the apple was in average sold at Rs 110 per kg.

The production of apple was increased by 18.56 percent and favourable climate, land and increased new plants contributed in increase as said by Prakash Bastakoti, Chief of agriculture knowledge center in Mustang. He also added that the crop cutting survey had revealed that 11.37 metric tons of apples is produced in a hectare.

Agriculture Knowledge center mentions seventy percent of the total product has been supplied outside the district. As the apples here are produced in the land with the altitude of 2,500 meter from sea level, the cold weather with snow enhances the test and quality.

There are six liquor factories which produce liquor by processing apples. Also, there is a trend among visitors in Mustang to buy apples as gift.