MPs development fund revived despite widespread outcry

Photo: Barsha Shah

Despite widespread public outcry, including from some members of parliament, the government has revived the Member of Parliament Development Fund.

The same initiative has now been called local infrastructure collaboration and development program.

Following public backlash, the programme was canceled through the budget statement of the financial year 2078/79. It has now been brought back as a parliamentary constituency development program.

“The parliamentary constituency infrastructure development program has been introduced by allocating Rs. 50 million for every electoral constituency,” Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat said while presenting the budget statement in the Parliament on Monday. Under this program, physical infrastructure development projects and programs such as roads, irrigation, drinking water, education, health, tourism, sports, etc. will be selected with a minimum allocation of Rs. 10 million per project.

The government has allocated Rs 8.25 billion to implement this program for coming fiscal year.