Mountaineer Anurag Maloo’s condition slightly better, family may take him to India for treatment

Photo: FB Anurag via The Indian Express

Kathmandu, April 22: Indian Mountaineer Anurag Maloo’s condition is showing signs of improvement, but has not yet reached a level that he can be declared ‘stable’ or out of danger.

Maloo’s condition is relatively better compared to what it was like when brought to the Medicity Hospital Thursday afternoon, the day he was rescued from an avalanche prone crevasse of the Mt Annapurna. He had fallen 300 meter down from the 5,800 m point between camp three and camp two.

Maloo, who went missing on April 17 after falling into a crevasse, was located by a team of rescuers after nearly three days of intense search efforts.

Sources said there are several queries from India and his family about the possibility of shifting him to Delhi.

A team of eight rescuers that located him on Thursday was able to put him into a rescue aircraft Airbus H-125 Piloted by captain Sobit Gauchan of Prabhu airlines.

He was first flown to Manipal hospital in Pokhara, and after nearly three hours emergency treatment by a team of doctors led by Aseem Subedi who also accompanied Maloo was shifted to Mediciti hospital in the afternoon.

Hospital sources said while ultimately it is for the family to decide where to treat him, ‘he is getting the best possible treatment and care here.’

His general condition, except urine output, is relatively better and his “brain condition” will be examined on Sunday, Sources also said his liver and kidney condition are ”still unstable’.