Desh Sanchar Chautari- EP 22

‘Mountain blesses me with no parallel,’ Mingma Sherpa (Video)

Mingma Sherpa, a Guinness record holder mountaineer, who climbed all 14 peaks above 8000m at the age 32 is also a successful entrepreneur in the Trekking and Tourism sector.

Sherpa, who started his mountaineering career as a porter, is currently a chairperson at the expedition giant Seven Summit Treks. He appeared as a guest at Desh Sanchar Chautari to unfurl his anecdotes and insights.

“I did not know there are fourteen mountains over 8000 m in the world before I summited my first one, Manaslu, in 2001,” he shares. Sherpa moved to Japan in 2004 worrying about the future due to the risk and uncertainty hovering in mountaineering. “I, accompanied by my wife, during our four years stay there accumulated a considerable amount of money through hard work in Japan. My gratitude to the immigration officer! who had caught my wife without proper documentation.  I too decided to cut my planned stay and returned to Nepal, a crucial step forward to my life thus far. I could lead a comfortable life with the savings but invested it to climb the remaining 5 mountains over 8000m to attain the dream of transforming our identity as porter.”

“No Nepali needs to die of hunger because we have mountains,” he claims with a concern, “mountains can transform our country’s economy multiple folds if properly envisaged, but lack of due diligence by stakeholders has rendered it nothing more than words.” He points out that mountains evince Nepal’s identity but only a few understand the finer details. “Let us impart the knowledge and significance of mountains to children from an early age and develop the school curriculum accordingly, only then they will be able to appreciate them in their full majestic glory,” he adds.

He is not supportive of the ongoing rumors of rebasing the Mount Everest base camp. “Shifting it in paper might make sense but the field reality does not permit it,” he stresses. “Only Kalapatthar has the space required but it is a sanctuary in itself and there is no reason to ruin the serenity it embodies with tents and crowds that throng in there.”

Sherpa says he started his company as an affordable adventure expedition alternative to the more established ones. This triggered backlash and smearing both nationally and internationally- disseminated fake information defaming his company during the initial phase which resulted in lack of trust. “I established myself with dedication, experience, and prompt service,” he claims.

“Fake rescue service is an ongoing issue in our sector, but we offer swift and real rescue,” he shares the anecdote of the incredible rescue of mountaineer Anurag Maloo. Maloo fell over 200m into a crevasse during his Annapurna ascent. Sherpa’s company accomplished the rescue and airlift to safety.

“Mountain has blessed me without any other parallel, all I have today – fame and fortune – I owe to it. We revere mountains yet the only thing we can offer is to maintain its cleanliness. I make sure to always bring back as much abandoned stuff I find during my trips,” he says.