Meteorological Forecasting Division warns of heavy rainfall

The monsoon wind has its impact in the country at present while the low-pressure trough is towards the south in the western part and towards the north in the eastern part (near Nepal) than its average position.
The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Meteorological Forecasting Division said it is partly to generally cloudy across the country at present due to the influence of this weather system and light to moderate rainfall is taking place at some places of all provinces.
Heavy rain along with thunder and lightning is occurring at one or two places of Koshi and Gandaki provinces, the Division said. There is possibility of gales at a few places in the Tarai region of Madhes and Lumbini provinces.
The weather will be cloudy throughout the country today with the possibility of light to moderate rainfall in all the provinces in the afternoon today. There are chances of heavy rain at some places of Koshi and Gandaki provinces.
Meanwhile, the Division has issued an alert for the next 24 hours, warning of heavy rain at several places of the country and gusty winds in the Tarai region. It has urged for taking precaution.
Stating that the road and air transport, health, agriculture, tourism, among the sectors as well as the daily life of the people might be affected due to the heavy rain and gusty winds, the Division has urged for adopting alertness to be safe from the possible risk and damage.