Desh Sanchar Chautari

‘Media articulation of opinion creates immense hindrance to fair investigation’ (Video)

Ananta Ram Bhattarai retired as Assistant Inspector General in 2061BS after a challenging career in the Nepal Police spanned over three decades.

As a guest in Desh Sanchar Chautari, Bhattarai shared his experiences on many issues including the state of national security.

He was proudly nostalgic about the reputation of the Nepal police and the professional autonomy it enjoyed citing several first-hand information and expressed dismay over the decline of the institution.

National security threat is existent from various angles and to neutralize such threat countries have agencies and machinery to deal with threat to national security, like NID in Nepal R and AW in India or other outfits elsewhere.

Mocking at journalists, he said, while you all might think the Republic came to Nepal only after 2006, but actually India had deployed a spy in the guise of a Sadhu —Punjabi baba-way back in 2033 B S.

His aim was to discredit the monarchy in the esteem of Hindus and senior bureaucrats, the former AIG said, adding he fled away in the course of investigation when moves were afoot to send him back. He used to live in the Pashupati Nath premises. He said investigation revealed that he had built a huge network of devotees in the Royal palace, bureaucracy and the Sadhudom .

Another incident which he had investigated involved theft at the then East Germany embassy on a Saturday as the ambassador, also the dean of diplomatic core, was busy hosting lunch for fellow ambassadors.

Bhattarai said that an inspector of the Nepal police who had already retired had been used by the CIA. He could not be arrested as the CIA rushed him to Bangkok for his onward journey and resettlement in the U S.

Around the time Unification of two Germany was in the process, the KGB and CIA were very active here in Nepal. The theft was planned 11 months before the incident took place. The van was abandoned after removing the registration plate and tampering with the chassis and engine number.

On the state of police currently, despite many qualified and well trained officers serving, the excessive political pressure has ruined the institution which, he said, was once as competent as the Maharashtra police with the reputation of being the best in South Asia.

Giving his own example, he said Durlav Kumar Thapa, IGP during the time, defied pressure from Prime Minister Surya Bahadur Thapa to have him transferred from Taplejung as preparations for the referendum were on . The Prime Minister was furious with Bhattarai because he had allowed pro multi- party democracy leaders to hold campaign rally in the district.

He was critical of the government decision to transfer Chief and investigating officers who were assigned the Bhutani refugees trafficking case. ‘Sky would not have fallen had they been allowed to continue’ he said adding such an act will demoralize the officers on one hand and discredit the force, on the other.

Bhattari’s suggestions to the young police officers-maintain your personal diary, with full details of the case you are handling- for the Police chief, he says ‘IGP is an apex post, once you reach there, you should act without any greed and fear. Instead of appeasing politicians, maintain your integrity that subsequently serves for the happiness of Nepalis at large’.