Match Between Nepal and Sri Lanka Cancelled Due to Rain

Kathmandu – The World Cup match scheduled between Nepal and Sri Lanka for Wednesday morning was cancelled due to rain.

The match was called off due to heavy rain in Florida, USA, where the game was set to take place. The match between Nepal and Sri Lanka in Group D was scheduled to start at 5:15 AM.

However, the match was cancelled without a toss due to the rain. Nepal and Sri Lanka, both in Group D, shared one point each. With this result, Sri Lanka has been eliminated from the group stage. Sri Lanka had previously lost their first two matches.

This was Nepal’s second match. In their first World Cup match, Nepal lost to the Netherlands. Sri Lanka, who lost to South Africa in their first match, also lost to Bangladesh in their second match. With only one game remaining, Sri Lanka has just one point. Even if they win their final match, they will not make it to the top eight.