MasterChef Shah begins ‘Mithila Thali’ to showcase culinary heritage

MasterChef Santosh Shah has begun his first venture in Nepal operating ‘Mithila Thali’ in his birth place, Janakpurdham.

Shah, lauded for making Nepali cuisine well acknowledged internationally has stated that ‘Mithila Thali’ serves “the unique flavors and aromas of Mithila cuisine, made from traditional recipes passed down through generations.”

Mithila Thali, through cushion and accommodation, aims to display ‘traditional Mithila food, art, and tradition in a way that transports guests to the heart of the region’.

Shah aims to invigorate the dishes together with cooking methods that are almost obsolete despite abiding tradition.

The dishes like Bathuwa Saag, Tilauri, Danarui, Phulari, Badi Kadhi cooked in Mati Chulo (clay oven) ensuring an authentic taste will be served while spices are prepared in Silauto (grinding stone).

Shah aims to operate one hundred “Mithila Thali” within five years in major cities across the country including Kathmandu, Dharan, Narayanghat, Nepaljung in the cuisine map. He also plans to extend in some cities abroad.