Manisha Koirala’s fleeting visit to Nepal for election campaign to favour RPP

That Manisha Koirala is not anymore the supporter of Nepali Congress that discarded her Grandfather B P Koirala’s policy and political legacy is widely known. But her presence in Kathmandu flying all the way from Mumbai and joining campaign for the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party and its Chief Rajendra Lingden for the November 20 election indicates that she will use every platform or occasion to take BP’s policy of National Reconciliation further.

During the five days she was in Nepal, the famed Bollywood Actor addressed five election meetings— Waling in Syanjha, Pokhara, Basantapur in Kathmandu, then again in Babar Mahal including Hetauda and Jhapa –her message was brief and concise: that Nepal needs a constitutional Monarchy as a symbol of Unity in Diversity and that a Multi-party system of Democracy working with the King together, like BP used to say, alone is the guarantor of Nepal’s dignified existence as an independent country.