Maha Navami being observed

Kathmandu, Oct 23: Maha Navami festival is being observed today by offering special worship to Goddess Durga.

The day is marked as the ninth day from Ghatasthapana, the first day of the festival. Ghatasthapana is marked by sowing barley seeds to prepare jamara (barley shoots).

Jamara is offered to goddesses at different shrines on Maha Navami. Special worship is performed at the Dashainghar and Kota as well as different temples of Goddesses where billy goats, ducks, pigeons, and he-buffaloes are sacrificed today.

Similarly, Durga Saptashati and Devi Stotra are recited at home as well as in different shrines today.

A large number of devotees gather at various shrines of the country to perform worship today, the last day of Navaratra.

On this day, security forces also perform kot puja or worship of armories.

Similarly, the Taleju temple located at Hanumandhoka in the federal capital is also opened for devotees to pay homage on this day.

Preparations have been completed for devotees to pay homage at the temple, it has been said.