Lumbini shown as part of ‘Akhanda Bharat’ in Indian parliament mural, is in govt notice’, Minister Basnet

Kathmandu, 30 May: The inclusion of Lumbini and Kapilvastu in the mural of the newly built Indian Parliament House has drawn widespread protest and anger in Nepal, both in parliament and outside.

Various political groups and activists held protest demonstrations in the capital warning India not to distort history. While the issue was raised by Thakur Gaire in the parliamentary committee meeting, Shakti Bahadur Basnet, Minister of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation said that the government has taken note of Nepalese territory — Lumbini and Kapilvastu—as part of ‘ Akhanda Bharat’ in the mural of newly inaugurated Parliament Building. ‘We are ascertaining the facts’, he said.

In a meeting of the Development and Technology Committee in the parliament, Thakur Gaire- House member, CPN-UML- has raised concern over the issue. ‘You are also a member of the Prime Minister’s delegation to India. It is said that Kapilvastu and Lumbini have been placed on Indian Parliament building mural. The government must pay attention on this front during delegation’, said Gaire.

Responding to Gaire, Minister Basnet said that the issue is under government notice and it is ascertaining facts.