Low poll and sporadic violence mar Nepal poll, EC says full results in eight days

Kathmandu: Around 61 per cent of the total 17.9 million electorate cast their votes to elect Federal parliament and seven Provincial legislatures in a day long poll in the country that witnessed sporadic violence with repoll ordered in 15 places.

Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Thapaliya said it may take eight days from now for the full results out.

There are altogether 275 seats in federal parliament out of which 165 fall under the First Past the Post and another 110 under the Proportional Representation system. Similarly, Seven provincial legislature together have 550 seats out of which 330 fall under the FPTP and remaining 220 under the PR system.

The polling turn out that did not match the pre- poll expectation indicates people’s indifference towards parties, mainly the big three. However, this is also being seen as visible support for The Swatantra Party, led and backed with youths, and the Rashtriya Prajanata Party for its clear agenda advocating Hindu Nepal and Monarchy with the ‘Guardian role’ in the country.