Lingden demands prosecution of culprit in fake Bhutanese refugee scam

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Rastriya Prajatanra Party (RPP) Chairperson Rajendra Lingden said that the culprits sending Nepalis abroad in the guise of Bhutanese refugees should be brought to book.

In the inaugural of the first unity assembly of the National Democratic Women Association close to the RPP here on Sunday, leader Lingden said that such heinous criminal activities could not be pardoned.

Demanding an impartial investigation into the scam, he warned that such fraudulent scam held at the behest of political power could be influenced and the culprits could go off scot-free. Stating that the ongoing investigation into the scam should not be stopped under any pretext, the leader argued that the country could not attain prosperity and there will not be good-governance until organizational corruption was eliminated.

The two-day assembly has over 1,100 representatives from all over the country. The gathering will deliberate on the reports on political and women’s issues as well as the Statute prepared by the Statute Draft Committee, it was shared.

The Association has been running activities based on the ideals and values upheld by the RPP such as reinstatement of the Hindu nation.