Life in the aftermath of earthquake in Jajarkot (Pictures)

Gopal Kami, 51, stands next to debris of his smashed house. Photo: Sulav Shrestha

The menace of the deadly earthquake that struck west Nepal on Friday midnight is slowly coming out as the traumatized victims are now opening up with the media and the rescue operators.

The loss could have been less if it were not midnight. In a deadly earthquake 157 people lost their lives in Jajarkot and adjoining Rukum West.

The tremor of the quake that hit Ramindada in Jajarkot at 11:47 pm as epicenter was felt far beyond in Kathmandu and some parts of India.

As several houses collapsed leaving thousands of people homeless, they are sleeping under the bitter mountain cold looking at their belongings under the rubble.

Saraswati-Jajarkot earthquake

Saraswati Jaisi, 60, (photographed on November 06) who lost her family members as her house collapsed .Manjari Raut-Jajarkot aftermath

Nine-year-old Manjari Raut is now staying in a temporary tent after her her house smashed.Khatri,- chipped home-Jajarkot

Bir Khan Khatri, 90, (photographed on November 6) inside his chipped home.Rana-Jajarkot quake-devastated home

Bahadur Rana, 68, who stands aside debris of his devastated house in Jajarkot


Gopal Kami, aged 51,  (captured on November 6) standing at front of his smashed house, had not only endured the loss of his family members-many survivors are injured.

Raut sister-cracked home-Jajarkot
Trinka Railit, 30, and Sabina Raut, 13, were photographed inside their cracked home in Jajarkot on November 6.
Prakash Raut, 37, walks next to his smashed home. He lost his mother as the debris crushed her.

The government has begun distributing emergency assistance to the quake survivors from Monday. But, the far-flung topography of the affected villages has hampered the swift distribution.

The sustained relief is still awaited as the extent of full damage is yet to come.