Late Acharya’s house to be developed as museum

The house of former Prime Minister late Tanka Prasad Acharya located at Parasi of Nawalpaarsi Paschim, where he was born, would be developed as a museum.

Around 100-year-old dilapidated house of Acharya, the founder chairperson of Nepal Praja Parisad, is going to be developed as a museum. Lumbini Province government has forwarded a plan to develop the house as a museum at a cost of five million rupees.

“The house is in sorry state and it is impossible to renovate it. A plan has been set to construct a new house in place of the old one and convert it into museum”, said member of Tanka Prasad Acharya Memorial Foundation and Lumbini Province government’s former Minister for Economic Affairs, Baijanath Chaudhary. Locals had been demanding to protect the house after the house sustained further damages due to Gorkha earthquake.

Similarly, Province Assembly member Baijanath Jaiswal stressed the need for forwarding activities by coordinating with the Department of Archeology. Saying it was necessary to renovate the house of late Acharya, he shared he would take initiative from the province government if additional budget was needed for the same. Late Acharya was born in 1969 BS and died in 2045 BS. He became the Prime Minister in 2012 BS.