Language class to begin for preservation of Kusunda language

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As part of preservation of languages that are on the verge of extinction, the Language Commission Nepal is working to run fourth level of ‘language class’ to preserve the endangered Kusunda language in Dang district.

The language class would be conducted in Mahendra Secondary of Ghorani Sub-Metropolitan City-5. Earlier, classes upto third phase were completed on the Kusunda language.

Member of Language Commission Nepal Amar Giri said that the Commission has brought programmes for the preservation of the Kusunda language and added that the community-level efforts were needed for the preservation of languages. “Language is not limited to a particular community. This is of all. Concerned community should be conscious for keeping a language alive,” according to Giri.

Member of Commission Amrit Yonjan said that language contains a vast knowledge and is linked to custom and culture.

As per the plan, the Kusunda language would be taught by giving 90 credit hours. Writer and campaigner of the Kusunda language Udaya Raj Ale said that the language class has reached the fourth level and currently 24 individuals are learning this language in Ghorahi. In the first level, basic conversation would be taught while reading and writings in the second level and grammar is taught in the third level.

Chairman of Nepal Kusunda Development Society Dhan Bahadur Kusunda said that Dang is the only district in the country having speakers of this language. In the past, there was a lone speaker of this language but the recent efforts have increased the number of speakers as well. As per the Society’s records, the total population of Kusunda community is 161 in Nepal.