Krishna Tamrakar is dead, but her voice still reverberates around  

Krishna Tamralkar - File Photo

Krishna Tamrakar, the legendary Broadcast journalist, is gone.

Tamrakar, 86 was battling with cancer for some years, but she was admitted to Upendra Devkota Memorial National Institute of Neurological and Allied services in Bansbari after she had chest problems last week.

She was diagnosed with acute pneumonia and passed away last night.

Tamaraka, born in 28 Kartik, 1995 BS was also the first woman journalist and broadcaster in the country joined Radio Nepal in 2018 BS  and served there for more than three decades earning a nationwide fame, and mesmerizing thousands of radio audience for whom she became a household name.

Yo Radio Nepal hoo, Aba Krishna Tamrakar bata Smachar sunnuhos’ ; This is Radio Nepal, and here is the news by Krishna Tamrakar, used to be the much familiar opening line when the regular news broadcast began.

Her voice, that rings in many ears, her style, and punctuation also influenced many future broadcasters who made it a point to follow or as a role model.

Apart from being a regular news broadcaster she also used to host many popular programmes including ‘Naso Hamro Desh Ko,  Hamro Deshko Mato, Hamro Ban, Hamro Jeeban and more.

Her last rites was performed at electric crematorium in Pashupati Aryaghat as per her wish in the presence of her family members, social circle and her fans Friday morning.

Tamrakar is survived by her three daughters Hima, Goma and Grishma. One of her daughters Grishma Rajbhandari is a TV journalist of repute.