Kittiya breaks her silence on ‘Fake’ snow leopards photos

Kathmandu – Kittiya Pawlowski breaks her silence on controversy around ‘Fake’ photos of snow leopards, and said she had never lied about her editing works on photos.

Pawlowski published her statement as a disclaimer and said she never stated her images were not edited anywhere.

”To clarify, all my images are edited and processed in Photoshop and Lightroom. Some images are composites, some are not. Some are only lightly retouched.”, she said, ”I am NOT a journalist. I never stated my images were not edited anywhere.”

She claimed that she has numerous awards for fine art and manipulation. She blamed news and media from around the world for stealing her images and publishing them with their own meaning. ”They did not ask me if they were edited. They interpreted them in their own way and spread them around the world. They told their followers that they were not edited. This is untrue, I always edit my images”, she further explained her claim.

Pawlowski came into the spotlight of nature lovers across the world when she claimed that She was able to capture with her camera the rare snow leopard photos in the Mt. Everest region. Her claim was rubbished by the Alpine mag which published an investigative story saying her photos are not real but ‘collage’ work.

After Alpine Mag’s story, she deactivated her social media. ”Photography and making art is my side hobby. I am simply a 24-year-old girl that has a 9-5 job, likes to take/edit photos, and tries to raise awareness of conservation and help our planet.”, Pawlowski’s said, ”Since I have received death threats for all of this, I have taken down my social accounts.”