Key to Nepal’s nationality is in Madhes: President Poudel

Photo: RSS

President Ram Chandra Poudel has said that Madhes that played a leading role in Nepal’s every democratic movement has the key to Nepal’s nationality.

At a civic felicitation and inauguration of Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Mithila Culture Centre organized in Janakpur city on Monday, the President said that Madhes has robust role in national unity and transformation and added that the essence of nationality is also in the Madhes. ”

As shared by Nepal’s democratic movement’s ideological proponent BP Koirala, I am firm that Madhes has the key to Nepal’s nationality. The people here have saved Nepal’s every inch of land. So, I want to offer the words of heartfelt tributes to the citizens here and all others who lost their lives for the cause of transformation,” the President added.

The President viewed that protection of nationality was not likely amid crises and problems and urged all for the positive interventions to identify and address the possibilities of Madhes. “Nationality cannot be safeguarded amid crises and problems. So, we should not delay in a balanced and overall development of mountainous, hilly and tarai regions for the country’s prosperity,” he shared.

On the occasion, President Poudel appealed to all to rise above their personal interests for the cause of national interests.

During his speech, President Poudel shared about his emotional feelings that emerge in him after seeing the barren land in Madhes for lack of irrigation supply. He also recalled his persistent support for the Sunkoshi-Marin Diversion project in the past adding that the irrigation facility has the capacity to irrigate almost half of the entire land of Madhes.

On the occasion, he appealed to the leaders of all major political parties for the implementation of the constitution stating that the agreement between the Madhes-centric parties and other mainstream parties paved the way for the constitution making in the past.

Recalling the unity of all for the constitution writing, the President said that unified efforts were inevitable for the establishment of social justice and prosperity.

Likewise, the President said that top leaders of major three political parties should be serious to implement federalism, provide rights to citizens and address the key concerns of the local governments. The country will change and constitution and federalism will be implemented if they wished so, President Poudel added.

Likewise, President Poudel said that he envisages a state of social justice and rule of law where no citizen is stateless in the country. He added that he authenticated the citizenship bill due to the same aspiration.

On the occasion, Mayor of Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan City and Civic Felicitation Main Organizing Committee Coordinator Manoj Kumar Sah presented the civic felicitation to the President on behalf of the city dwellers.

During the event, Member of House of Representatives Juli Kumari Mahato, Chief Minister of Madhes Province Saroj Kumar Yadav, deputy mayor of Janakpur Kishori Sah, former mayor of Janakpur Bajranga Prasad Sah, and others expressed their views praising the President for his guardianship that he showed by authenticating the citizenship bill.