Kagaji Duniya: Transforming Waste into Opportunity

Kagaji Duniya Team

Kagaji Duniya, founded by Ichchha Chand, a dedicated BBA student at Little Angels’ College of Management, is a pioneering startup that crafts beautiful accessories by empowering individuals with disabilities.

With a mission to create a platform where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can find opportunities, Kagaji Duniya transforms waste materials into stunning, meaningful pieces of art.

The dedicated team behind Kagaji Duniya—comprising Ichchha Chand, Prayash Bhattarai, Aditi Bhandari, Ashutosh Pokharel, and Ridaya Dawadi— has fostered the growth of this venture. Their collective efforts have built a business that not only promotes sustainability but also champions inclusivity and empowerment.

This year, Kagaji Duniya represents Nepal on an international stage at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok for the Hult Prize. This prestigious competition turns student entrepreneurs’ ideas into reality, with a grand prize of 1 million USD.