Judge Dr Shreekrishna Bhattarai resigns

Kathmandu, 26 July: District Judge Dr. Shreekrishna Bhattari has resigned from the service.

Dr. Bhattarai resigned on Monday saying that it would be uncomfortable for him to work under the Chief Justice Hari Krishna Karki whom he challenged on ethical and legal grounds during the parliamentary hearing.

He expressed discontentment with the process of appointing judges and alleged that people belonging to the political parties are appointed to the Judicial Council that has larger say in judges appointment.

Bhattrai, questioning the legality of the Constitutional Council itself, opined that it was not possible for Karki to take the office if the Parliamentary Hearing Committee had acted impartially and fairly.

Bhattarai told Desh Shanchar that undue preference given to supporters of political parties in appointing judges in nontransparent manner has deprived many seasoned and career judges of their prospects in higher judiciary.