Jajarkot quake update: death toll reaches 128

The powerful earthquake that hit Jajarkot as epicenter and areas far beyond Friday night has taken more than 128 lives so far, official sources said.

The area that was hit the most after Jajarkot is the nearby Rukum West.  While Jajarkot has accounted for 92 deaths, the figure from the Rukum West, so far, stands at 36.

As the massive search and rescue operation continues, figures are expected to rise further.

The local hospitals are already overcrowded with injured and urging help to facilitate swift treatment.

Meanwhile, the neighboring hospitals including Bheri Hospital and Kohalpur Medical College are readying for the treatment – Bheri Hospital being the dedicated hospital for the emergency treatment.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ left for the affected areas with a medical team from Nepal Army.

All three security forces – Nepal Army, Armed police Force and Nepal Police- are being mobilized for rescue and relief efforts, said the Prime Minister.

The quake that hit west Nepal and a large part of North India at 11:47 pm was measured 6.4 magnitude.