Is sending Nepalese as refugees abroad the feature of ‘New Nepal’? Former King Shah 

Former King Gyanendra Shah receiving felicitation in Dhangadhi on May 22.

Kathmandu, 22 May:  Former king Gyanendra Shah has taken strong exception to the way Nepalese are being uprooted and forced to go abroad to shed their sweat as if they are ‘stateless’ people.

In his address to the people and organizers of his felicitation in Dhangadhi today, former king Shah said ordinary Nepali people are being victimized and being sent abroad as refugees as if they don’t have their own territory.

In his address that is getting hard hitting and direct with each new program that brings him closer to the people, the former king asked, is it the much promised ‘new Nepal’?

He also admired the people of 11 districts in the far west and the commitment of the locals who he called ‘Dharati Putra’ (Sons of the soil) and appreciated the growing consciousness and their commitment to their land as the instrument of growth and prosperity.

He recalled king Mahendra’s quest for development of those areas within the framework of national integration as ‘no land is far or near from each other.’

The former king who has been touring different parts of the country and addressing public rallies, accepting felicitations, was given a rousing reception when he reached Dhangadhi in the afternoon.

He said the opportunities to develop their place and retain national pride has been snatched from them. The cottage industries of the past based on natural resources- lands, water, jungle and jadibiuti-have almost become extinct and the land got deserted.

Grilling the current leaders, he asked is increased dependence on outside the progressive politics? He said it’s about time that the people should be entrusted the task of building system and model of governance to run the country.

‘Let’s entrust the Nepalese to build their country themselves’, he said.