Integrated action plan prepared by incorporating PM’s addresses

Comprehensive meeting on Integrated Action Plan: RSS

The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has prepared an integrated action plan based on the directions Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal gave to the government bodies and the addresses he made in the parliament.

The integrated action plan prepared by the team led by Chief Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi has included the issues under 21 headings.

According to Secretary at PM’s office, Ganesh Prasad Pande, 607 activities are included in the integrated action plan. A comprehensive discussion was held on the action plan on Tuesday. The secretaries from different ministries made presentations in the discussion.

The first chapter includes the governance reform where the issues from formulation of new laws and regulation and amendment of old ones are listed. Recommendations are given for the formation of only necessary high level commissions, taskforces, restructure or cancellation of development committees.

The democracy, good governance and quality service are prioritized in the action plan where various issues ranging from curbing corruption and irregularities, clearance of arrears to operation of farmers’ call centre and farmers portal are listed. Introduction of online system and time card of service delivery, removal of fees in vital registration at local levels and establishment of PM monitoring mechanism are also mentioned in the plan.

Protection of national interest, independent and non-aligned foreign policy, sustainable economic development and strengthening of economy, ‘make-in Nepal: work-labour, entrepreneurship and domestic production, food’, shelter and drinking water, transformation of agriculture, energy development, public transport and road infrastructure, scientific land management, address to landless people’s problems, IT, tourism, culture, social harmony and national unity, quality education, development of educational infrastructures, respected labour and social security, women empowerment and inclusion, peace process and transitional justice, implementation of federalism and mobilization of state bodies for people’s welfare are stated in the action plan.

With action plan, we enforce it now: PM Dahal

Following the discussion on the action plan, PM Dahal said time has come for all to implement effectively the action plan as it has been one and half month the new government came.

PM Dahal viewed, “Today’s discussion was fruitful. I’ve found commitment and accountability in your (secretaries’) presentations.” He urged the secretaries to enforce the action plan effectively so that his direction would be meaningful. He stressed on giving result as the phase of discussion was over. According to the PM, employees would be evaluated based on their performance. PM Dahal warned of not tolerating slowness in service delivery.

He however said he would move ahead based on the discussion and collaboration. “I listen to all and receive everyone’s feedback,” Dahal said, urging the secretaries to boost the morale of private sectors to address the challenges facing the country’s economy. “People are closely observing our works. So, work to ensure change in people’s lives,” PM Dahal said in the discussion.

The PM also shared that he would embark on inspection and monitoring of national pride projects from next month. “If people are despair, it would not do good to country,” PM Dahal reminded.