Indian Home Minister Shah says forced conversion threat to national security

Photo: @AmitShah

Kathmandu, 06 March: Barely a week before India is to announce general elections, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has come out with stringent measures against external donors and internal recipients engaged in religious conversion.

He said in the Indian Parliament on Wednesday that any funds coming in the country in violation of the Foreign Currency Regulation Act and using it for religious conversion will not be allowed in the country.

Shah’s announcement in parliament barely few weeks before India goes to the general elections is expected to further consolidate Hindu votes. The government claimed that the money coming in is being used for forced conversion and that the resultant demographic change is creating a ‘real crisis ‘ in the country.

‘Strict action will be taken against those who do not adhere to the guidelines’, Shah said , adding ‘forced conversions are a serious threat to national security and that no such activities will be promoted under the government led by Narendra Modi.’

He also slammed the previous UPA government and alleged it of not doing enough to contain the incidents of forced conversions.