Increasing cold affects life in Jumla

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Jumla, Dec 9: With the minimum temperature dropping below zero degree centigrade, the daily life of people in Jumla has been adversely affected.

Sarita Neupane, a resident of Chandannath Municipality-4, said that with the temperature dropping to minus it is difficult to leave the house in the morning and evening.

Due to the cold, the number of patients in the local medical centres has also increased. Director of the Karnali Institute of Health Sciences Teaching Hospital, Pujan Rokaya, said that the number of patients coming with complaints of cold-related complications has increased recently.

The number of patients suffering from cold, asthma and cold diarrhea has increased in health centers. More than 200 patients are coming to the centres for treatment every day.

The children, elderly and pregnant are more affected by the increasing cold, said Chief of Raralihi health post in Tila Rural Municipality, Kamal Rawat.

According to the Weather Forecast Field Office in Jumla, the minimum temperature in the district is -2.6 degrees and the maximum temperature is 15.6 degrees Celsius.