INC secures comfortable majority in Karnataka Assembly Election

Kathmandu, 13 May: As anticipated, the Indian National Congress (INC) is all set to form government in Karnataka as the final results have given the party a comfortable majority in the state legislative assembly.

The INC has won 136 seats way ahead of the BJP with just 65 in the 224-member House. The BJP rout, according to some political analysts, is also an indicator of diminishing popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who will be leading the campaign for the third term for the BJP at national politics.

The Janata Dal (s) has won 19 seats while remaining four seats have gone to ‘others’.

The INC victory is being projected as not only the victory of the party but that of democracy and ‘dignity of each citizen’. INC’s star campaigner Rahul Gandhi has emerged as the ‘hero’ of the electoral show who travelled across the state during the entire campaign.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the INC for this victory.

The new Chief Minister is likely to be elected after the central leaders will take into account poll outcome and its impact on national politics