Humla, Mustang witness snowfall

Photo: RSS

Simkot (Humla), Dec 4: Daily life in Humla has been affected due to increasing cold following snowfall from this morning.

A health worker at Halji health post located at Namkha rural municipality-6, Lokesh Bohara, said the snowfall has been taking place at the lower belt along with Simkot and snow up to around one foot has piled up at the northern areas of the district.

There is a biting cold at Namkha district due to the snowfall and problems have surfaced in movement of people following this, he shared. The air service has also been affected due to the snowfall and passengers heading out of the district have been stranded in Simkot. Simkot has witnessed up to four inches of snow.

Farmers are elated with snowfall, as they hope it would be good for different types of crops—wheat, barley and others.

Mustang sees season’s first snowfall Snowfall took place in Mustang for first time this season.

The snowfall started since Monday morning. It is snowing in all areas including the surroundings of the district headquarters, Jomsom, said Ram Prasad Adhikari, the Assistant Chief District Officer. According to him, although it has been raining since the morning, offices are open and the means of transport are also operating.

Although life has been affected due to the cold, the farmers are elated with the snowfall. The crops cultivated by farmers had started to wilt away due to drought. “The crops and vegetables are going to prosper due to the precipitation this season. Although the sky used to be cloudy, there was no rain before this. It’s good that it snowed today,” he said.