I can’t watch so I close my eyes,
I want to write but my hands are tied,
I see humanity crushed under the feet,
Heels digging deep,
Equality strangled so tight, unable to speak.

Head down on the knees!

Chained by Prejudice, Social Injustice, Suppression,
Beaten, shoved, thrashed on the floor,
Dragged as I bleed not from my open wound but my soul.

I scream not because it hurts, I scream at the face of inequality!

Unsteady on my feet
Whispering no more, no more, no more…….

A kick, a blow on my head,
I feel the pain, my wounded soul,
Each day I die as Humanity is no more.

This beautiful world is tearing apart;
I can’t breathe, My aching heart.

Fight for what?
Women, Children, Poverty, Education, Hunger.
Where do I start?

My beautiful world is torn apart.
Colour, Religion, Power, Violence,
Suppression, Oppression, Corruption, Malnutrition!!

Where do I start?

Each day I die as Humanity is no more!!

Distorted perception without emotions,
Decisions without thought,
Thought of supremacy,
Victory, Violence, Silence

Only Silent whisper remains.

This beautiful world bleeds today,
As it bled yesterday.
Shoved, kicked, torn apart bit by bit.
Each day I die as Humanity is no more!

Unsteady on my feet,
I can’t watch, I close my eyes.
A silent whisper ………

No More
No More
No More