Human chain for climate justice

Kathmandu, 08, June: ActionAid International Nepal, today, has organized a  day event ‘Human Chain for Climate Justice’ so as to raise awareness, mobilize support, and advocate for climate justice on a local and global scale.

The youth-led program had witnessed over 650 participants including youths, women, children, farmers, and the vulnerable population.

The participants gathered beside the Bishwajyoti hall in Jamal at 6 o’clock in the morning and formed a human chain that extended from Jamal along Rani Pokhari, Ratnapark, and back to Jamal.

The event concluded at Shanti Batika, where a short closing ceremony took place. Mahesh Badal, Livelihood and Natural Resources Specialist from ActionAid International, provided an overview of the Climate Justice Campaign’s stance and demands.

The president of YAN emphasized the significance of policy-level changes, while the president of NMES underscored the disproportionate impact of climate justice on the landless and women.

Throughout the program, the unwavering voices of the youth resonated, symbolizing their determination to drive meaningful change.