Home Minister Lamichhane instructs for efficient service delivery

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Rabi Lamichhane has issued directives for making the service delivery prompt and efficient, giving no room for public complaint.

Lamichhane addressing a virtual meeting of office bearers, including the Chief District Officers and the district-based security chiefs, from the Home Ministry Monday instructed to deliver services so that there is no room for public complaint and to protect the citizens from disaster-related incidents, cold wave included.

Directing the subordinate officials not to be swayed by the undue pressure or influence of any person or mechanism, he urged the bodies concerned to provide services always keeping the complaints and concerns of the citizens in high priority, expand the accessibility of services, making the services technology-friendly and adopting amiable behaviour.

The Minister also informed via meeting that the Ministry will take initiatives for necessary coordination and management to be prepared for disaster management so that no citizen will have to lose life due to the increasing cold.