Home Minister Lamichhane, evading questions from journalists, said, “Do I have to respond to everything everyone says?”

Kathmandu – Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane has expressed his expectation for positive questions about the government’s activities in Biratnagar.

Arriving to participate in a two-day security meeting starting Sunday in Biratnagar, Minister Lamichhane initially presented himself in a cheerful manner to the journalists at the airport. However, as journalists began asking initial questions, Minister Lamichhane started to evade them.

During this, he urged to ask questions about the good work done by the government. In conversation with journalists, he requested to ask about the government’s disaster management preparations and what the government has been doing for the past three months, rather than repeating the same questions raised by someone else.

On the other hand, when asked by a journalist about the actions taken regarding the issue of selling national information from the rostrum of the house, which Minister Lamichhane himself had raised, he replied, “Now, the action investigation matter, where it has reached, that process has not even been discussed. But in the parliament, I don’t know anyone’s name. I talked about such things coming up in the media because of the things published in newspapers and media. There might be other questions too, friends, or just the same ones.”

Regarding the Nepali Congress seeking answers for the statements made against parliamentary dignity in the house and warning of protests, Minister Lamichhane said, “If I have to give an answer, I will give an answer. What can be said about this, tell me. I am not aware of that. Should I answer wherever the opposition says?”
At the airport, Minister Lamichhane proceeded by asking, “What is the question?” During this time, while journalists were discussing issues raised in the house, the cooperative scandal, and Kantipur Media Group, he was trying to escape from all the questions. He said, “If I have to walk around giving answers to whatever anyone says, then I would have no other work at all.”

Some time ago, Home Minister Lamichhane had made serious allegations in the house against political party leaders for selling national information. Similarly, clearly avoiding questions asked by journalists, Minister Lamichhane said, “Investigation matters are not discussed like this in press conferences. Whatever issues have come up, you have been watching. Thank you.”
Home Minister Lamichhane has come to Biratnagar to participate in a two-day national security meeting. Before that, he was reported to participate in the Revenue Advisory Committee meeting.