Bhutanese Refugee scam

High Court upholds Rayamajhi’s imprisonment, Rijal to release on bail

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Kathmandu, 01 Dec: Patan High Court on Friday has ordered the release of Tek Nath Rizal, Bhutanese Refugee leader- imprisoned in alleged connection with Bhutanese Refugee scam- on bail amount of Rs. 15 lacs.

A joint bench of judges comprising Prakash Kharel and Janak Pandey gave the verdict on this effect while hearing on the petition of detention order by Kathmandu district court following Bhutanese Refugee scam.

Meanwhile, the bench upheld detention of Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, Maoist turned UML leader as well as former Deputy Prime Minister in the same case.

However, as the bench was divided in the case of Nepali Congress leader and another former Deputy Prime Minister Balakrusha Khand, it will now be taken up by a full bench.