Desh Sanchar Chautari-EP 10

‘Govt. investment on Art and Culture boosts both essence and economy of nation,’ Chancellor Sharma (Video)

Nisha Sharma, a flagship figure in the Nepali theater scene, currently serves as the Chancellor at the Nepal Academy of Music and Drama (NAMUDA). She has been involved in the theater sector for over four decades and is appreciatively cherished for her performances.

Sharma, as a guest in Desh Sanchar Chautari, delved into her inclination to live art, struggles she had to endure to continue in the theatrical arena and accomplishments garnered through an untiring journey.

 “My first performance was at the age of five in a drama named ‘Kankaal’. Later, still a schoolgirl, was offered a role in the drama ‘Prativa Aakash Magchey’ as a sister of the lead character Prativa,” she recalls her early days.

Recalling the social precondition when she has had begun her career, she stated even the teachers at school were reluctant to talk with the mindset that she derailed from the social values choosing ‘bad field’. She feels delighted that the attitude has been changing with time. She shared some joyful experiences of parents requesting Gurukul to help their children in theater activities.

Sharma is the first woman chancellor at NAMUDA but does not want to rest her laurels with this achievement. She does not feel content here – the misappropriation of inclusion policy and the laxity by the concerned authorities to enhance art and culture – are two areas she feels can be done better.

Nisha Sharma is a founding member of the pioneer theater organization of Nepal – Arohan Gurukul – popularly known as Gurukul. Sharma could not hide her emotion when recalling the demolition of  Gurukul’s theater. “I was there but could not dare come out and see the ‘Sama’ building being destroyed,” she stated.  She mentioned that she needs to remain impartial and make sure not to show any favoritism towards Gurukul in her new position.

She resigned from her post at Gurukul to avoid any conflict of interest during her bid to lead the NAMUDA. But with a heavy heart she expressed her being sandwiched between the blame that she might favor Gurukul as the founding member there and very poor budgeting defying her tangible plans to steer NAMUDA into a new epoch.

She has had to use her personal approach to Sunil Pokharel – renowned actor, writer, and director, who is also her husband – to direct a performance at no cost to the academy. She also expressed displeasure on limiting an iconic name Sunil Pokharel as just her husband while the Academy assigned any tasks.

She feels the academy has bright prospects if proper budgeting is allocated. Arts and culture serves as a nation’s pride, and a strong arts and culture scene transcends into other sectors equally, she opined adding, let’s hope for the day when the person of authority is someone who understands the value of arts and culture.