Free telemedicine service to Nepali migrant workers abroad

The government is launching free telemedicine services from March 29 targeting the Nepali workers on foreign employment.

The Foreign Employment Board said timely advice and consultation would be provided through this service as per the need for addressing the health problems faced by the Nepali migrant workers in foreign land.

Telemedicine service will be started from 10 am on Wednesday, March 29. Board spokesperson Rajan Poudel said the service would be catered during the office hours as per Nepal time except on public holidays.

The Nepali workers can call at mobile number 9851345701 and 9851345702 on Viber, Whatsapp or e-mail. The call will be received by the telemedicine medical officer and if specialist service is required for the caller, it would be provided on every Sunday and Friday at the recommendation of the medical officer.

Spokesman Poudel said the service will be available on Friday and Sunday as it is public holiday on the two days in the destination countries. The prescription for the service-seeking worker would be send online.

The Board will bear all the expenses of this service.

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has already approved the Telemedicine Service Operation Procedures, 2023 for operating telemedicine service targeting the Nepali workers on foreign employment.