Fire destroys 70 hectares of forest area in Myagdi

Photo: Dhurbasagar Sharma/RSS

Fire that broke out in different areas of Myagdi since April 14 has ravaged 70 hectares of forest area.

The massive fire that caught the Gajure community forest of Beni municipality-3, Bhakimli of the district since Sunday afternoon has not come under control till Monday morning. Likewise, the fire broke out at Salleri and Arthunge community forest of Beni-2, Jyamrukkot since last Friday has come under control, the district forest division office, Myagdi said.

Villagers have put their collective efforts to douse the fire in Gajure forest in a fear the flame would also catch their settlement. The forest fire has reached human settlements, including Hallegaunda, Poldhara and Saldena.

Beni municipality-3 ward chair Padma Pun said the forest fire which came under control on Sunday afternoon had gone out of the control since the same day evening. “So far the fire has destroyed at least 12 hectares of land within the boundary of Gajure community settlement.

Villagers have engaged their all-out efforts to not allow the fire spread in the settlement”, he added. Teams have reached the areas in and around fire vulnerable settlements with home-made instruments to face the fire outbreak. “We are effortful to ward off any human casualties. The situation is not normal. It may not be easy to control the fire ravage”, he shared.

Chief of Division Forest Office, Myagdi, Manoj Ranabhat said through employees have been deployed in the forest fire area it has been difficult to douse the fire due to steep land.