Festivals enhance national unity: President Poudel

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Kathmandu, Jan 15: President Ram Chandra Poudel has said that the festivals like Maghi enhance fraternity, harmony and unity among the Nepalis from diverse cultures, religions and languages.

Sharing a message of best wishes on the occasion of the Maghi festival today, the President wished peace, prosperity, good health and happiness to all Nepalis living in the country and abroad.

“The unique festival as Maghi fosters unity in diversity, which is the identity of Nepalis,” he believed. Different ethnic communities observe this festival in different names. Tharu people celebrate it as ‘Maghi’ with fanfare, while the Magar community observes it in no less fervor.

In the Terai region, it is marked as ‘Nahan’, President Poudel reminded, adding that special food items such as chaku, selroti, laddu, dhikri and khichadi are prepared and relished on this occasion.

The festival also reflects people’s harmony with nature. From today, the Sunlight moves towards the tropic of cancer, bringing change in season, the message further reads.