Feel warm and energetic with Sun Salutation

courtesy: basubu.com

As Sun Salutation is comprehensive of all three groups Mantra, Pranayama and Aasana, it is also known as “whole yoga”. Anyone, despite not managing time for different Pranayama and Aasana, can be benefited in multiple ways by practicing 12 round of Sun Salutation in a regular basis.

Winter season comes with different problems such as common cold, pain in joints, dry skin and so on. People wishing to add physical activities in a daily routine is in increasing trend. But, if you are not able even for a walk either in the morning or evening due to cold and pollution, you are likely to experience following advantages through practicing Sun Salutation at home regularly;

  • To maintain healthy and glowing skin
  • To strengthen cardiovascular muscle and maintain blood pressure
  • To lose weight
  • To get rid of constipation
  • To be prevented from stress
  • To regulate menstruation among women
  • To relieve the pain of joints and muscle at hands
  • To keep body warm and energetic

Note: Learn the methods properly with a trained Yoga instructor before you practice on your own.

(Asthanga Yoga Nepal)