Farmers provided grants for pesticide free production

Ilam, April 2: Dil Kumar Limbu from Simdhap of Suryodaya municipality-1 is planning a commercial farming without using pesticides.

He is encouraged for potato cultivation after he got a plastic tunnel in grant from the municipality. “I’d applied at the municipality for assistance,” he shared.

Suryodaya municipality has distributed plastics to 106 farmers for mulching and plastic tunnels to 129 farmers. It is in line with the annual programme- ‘one house-one kitchen yard’ launched in the municipality. Farmers are provided fifty percent grant, according to economic development committee coordinator Devendra Acharya.

Technology transfer is focused on how farmers could engage with organic farming. “Although more than 500 farmers had sought assistance, all of them could not be extended assistance owing to budget constraints,” Acharya added.

The new scheme has been put in place in the wake of a huge chunk of money spent on vegetables imports.

It is expected to replace vegetable imports and contribute to the rural economy as well, according to him. He further shared that plastic was distributed especially for production of akabare chili.

Mulching technology helps keep moisture and prevent unnecessary weeds. Most of the farmers here have begun commercial farming of akabare chili.

Moreover, cow mat, chap cutter and mini tillers are distributed in the municipality so that it would be easy and efficient for farmers in the field and livestock care.

In order to ensure quality production of tea at Suryodaya, the farmers are provided machines that run on patrol, diesel and electricity as well.

It is said though some 80 percent farmers in Suryodaya are engaged in tea cultivation, the Nepali tea is yet to intervene the international market due to traditional tea picking.