Existing mindsets, working style should be revisited to strengthen federalism, PM Prachanda says

NCC's first meeting in Pokhara (Photo: Pradeep Raj Onta, RSS)

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has stated that federal democratic system could be strengthened only if all three layers of governments mend their existing mindsets and working style.

Addressing the first meeting of the National Coordination Council in Pokhara on Saturday, the PM underscored the need for equally meaningful effort to strengthen federalism.

“If we could not internalize the essence and long-term importance of federalism, the opponents will take advantage of that. People will benefit from federalism only if we ensured prompt delivery,” according to the PM.

Saying that Acts have been made for implementation of federalism, the PM called for effective coordination for this. The PM reiterated that management and effective implementation of federalism should be our key priority.

“Some of the forces are attempting to end federalism. Conservative and short-lived forces are working to weaken federalism. So, the democratic force should take its initiative and ownership. We should work to strengthen this system also due to Nepal’s geopolitical sensitivities,” PM Prachanda observed.