“Even wars have rules” UNICEF cautions as child casualties surge in Gaza

theatlantic.com via @UNICEF

Kathmandu, 28 Oct: UNICEF has called for an immediate ceasefire and unrestricted humanitarian access following the alarming toll of fatalities and injuries of children in Gaza.

“Time is running out. Children are dying at an alarming rate and being denied their basic rights. Even wars have rules. Civilians must be protected – children particularly – and all efforts must be made to spare them in all circumstances”, reads UNICEF’s official webpage.

“We urgently appeal for a ceasefire, humanitarian access, and the release of hostages” UNICEF’s social site X on Wednesday reads mentioning the devastating toll – 2,360 fatalities and 5,364 injuries of Children in Gaza while more than 30 Israeli children have lost their lives.

‘Children in Gaza have endured heartbreaking trauma, marked by destruction, relentless hostiles, displacement and severe shortage of essential necessities such as food and water,’ said UNICEF on Saturday via its social site X.

“The situation in the Gaza Strip is a growing stain on our collective conscience. The rate of death and injuries of children simply staggering,” said the Guardian quoting Adele Khodr, UNICEF regional director for the Middle East and North Africa.