Desh Sanchar Chautari- EP 28

‘Enough with shallow politics’, Karishma Manandhar (Video)

Karishma Mananadhar, a name that no Nepali attentive to the movie industry needs introduction to, stepped in the cinema at the age of 14. Her career spanning over three and a half decades has run parallel to growth of the industry which was in its infancy back then.

She is both greatly cherished as an ‘evergreen beauty icon’ and accepted as an inspirational figure for many due to her school education pursuit after forty- demonstrating age and fame do not bar chasing any dream. On top of that she has a decade-long involvement in party politics, too.

The same versatile persona and celebrated actor, Manandhar, as a guest in Desh Sanchar Chautari, reminisced her past and the future she envisages.

“Needful is what drives my journey in life not the attraction”, she elicited with regards to her involvement both in movies and politics, adding ‘I step in following needs and make effort for entirety with gradual self-improvement.’

She claims “I had no plan and aspiration as I began my career.” Movie industry is indeed an art, a perennial literature but I was too young to acknowledge the depth of the field, resulting in that I had no fear of drowning”. However, she is reluctant as of late to accept random offers owing to her awareness not to lose her credibility and eventually disappoint the audience with uncooked and unworthy performances.

She confesses she is often dragged into the controversies and clarifies that it is all relatable to herself not of her remarks to others. ‘I don’t comment much as I rarely notice shortcomings on others. Moreover, I don’t react unless one throws repulsive notes on me,’ she adds. ‘Thinking is flux and may tend to change every hour’ she asserts sharing like other youngsters, she was also filled with all traits like short temper and impetuous to react. But as maturity bestows, she realises it is needless to invest energy for such superfluous attribution.

‘Politics is the backbone of a nation and the nation thrives only when politics get on well’, she opines. She continued on politics to contribute to her extent as she realised every citizen has to be politically aware. Youth were so distracted from politics terming it a dirty game but the past few years witnessed a surge of youth involvement in politics and it is a good manifestation, she contemplates. However, our politics still grapples with shallow performance. It is an apt time to renovate our politics into more matured one- delving deep into problems at hand and making citizens well-informed, reprimand alone is not a leadership trait.

What’s more! We declare adopting newness but politics still embraces dated culture. It’s time to break the trend of counting just years invested into the party to deserve positions. Also, the inclination of addressing mass parroting manifesto and policy needs reformation. Let’s encourage those who are able to act out of the box and creative enough to reverberate synergy across the party.