‘Electoral reform essential,’ Shekhar Koirala

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Damak, Feb 6: Nepali Congress leader and central member Dr Shekhar Koirala has said reform in the election system is essential even by amending the constitution.

During an interaction with active cadres as part of party’s campaign ‘NC in community’ in Jhapa district on Monday, leader Koirala assured that his party would make policy level efforts to ensure electoral competition among the people within reservation groups.

“Not only election tickets but also seats should be guaranteed to the people from the reserve quota. The constitution itself should have provision that electoral competition is held among members from within women, dalit, and indigenous groups,” he underlined.

Similarly, the leader viewed proportional representation could be adopted for the National Assembly, while only direct election for House of Representatives.

On the occasion, 23 active cadres from Damak, Kamal, Gauradaha and Shivasatakshi municipality furnished suggestions to the leader Koirala for reform in NC.

Most of them strongly urged the party that it shunned alliance with other parties in the next election. The party leadership was also suggested that it continued programmes to reach people and mobilize sister organizations from time to time.