Dozens of dreams smashed with crashed aircraft

The Pokhara bound flight—699 9N –ANCT—that burst into flames around 10:57 am, couple of minutes after its last communication with the air traffic tower on Sunday seems to have caused multiple kind of tragedies within tragedies.

It left a trail of devastation depriving many of their guardians, shone their roofs overhead and others cutting short promising lives too early.

Altogether 72 people including four members of the crew were on board in an ATR aircraft belonging to the Yeti Airlines.

Captain Kamal KC was looking for a graceful retirement as trainer, but a violent death ended the dream and career. It was no less merciful to co-pilot Anju Khatiwada. Khatiwada was to be elevated as Capt had the aircraft landed safely at Pokhara under the supervision of Capt KC.

But the tragedy not only affected the two pilots, many planned reunions were the victims of fatal termination. The happiness of the family reunion turned into mourning in Hemja as two couples died.

Rajan Sapkota who was returning home from the US after a year to celebrate his first marriage anniversary was joined by his wife Ashika at Kathmnadu to and boarded the aircraft there. Sunday to receive him and both of them took a flight to their hometown.

The other couple includes Jitendra Bahadur Kunwar and his wife Bhagawati who came to Kathmandu for family business purposes with the children. The couple sent their children by bus while they were on board in the ill-fated aircraft.

Similarly, the doctors’ 3 members family were travelling to their homeland to enjoy their vacation but converted into devastation- Dr Sunil Shrestha and Dr Sona Diwakar working at National Trauma center died including their infant.

Furthermore, Tribhuwan Poudel, editor of Hotline Daily and vice-president of the Press Center Nepal was returning to his hometown after having attended a meeting of the Press Center in Kathmandu. But the fatal accident halted all his further meetings forever.

Folk Singer Nira Chhantyal who was on board to perform at the Musical Programme in Pokhara lost her life in the deadliest crash. Likewise, a talented rising guitarist Nishant Acharya dreams to prosper engulfed in Seti gorge.