Downpour hits hard Kathmandu Valley (Pictures)

Photo: Sulav Shrestha

Incessant rain since last night in the Kathmandu valley floods parts of the city.

Several areas in the capital remain submerged and roads overtopped because of the incessant rains overnight and in the morning today.

Reports available said Dungedhara, Gaurighat, Guheshwari, Kapan, Samakhusi, Anamnagar, Sanepa and Teku have been inundated as rivers like Bishnumati, Bagmati, Manohara and Dhobikhola were swelled with heavy rainfall.

The locals are suffering as their daily life is crippled.

The Weather Forecasting Division informed that Nepal will have rainfall for some more days as the low pressure range of monsoon is north of the average location (near Nepal).

The heavy rainfall is caused because of the monsoon wind and low pressure system around Bihar in India.

Currently, there is light to moderate rainfall in Madhes, Bagmati, Lumbini and Gandaki Provinces.

Meanwhile, the Division has issued alert, urging people not to go near the rivers and streams which are flooded with downpour.

Below are some of the pictures of Teku captured by Desh Sanchar’s Sulav Shrestha: